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UK Naked Men says: Sexy Mickey Taylor and strapping Theo Ford are cruising a contemporary art gallery. But Theo’s eyes are wandering from the art to Mickey’s tight jeans and bulging packet. Luckily, Mickey seems to have been struck by a sexualized form of Stendhal Syndrome and the art is making his veiny, uncut cock hard and his tight hole twitch for attention.

Theo pushes the sexed up lad against the wall of the deserted gallery (really cop an eyeful of Theo, such a handsome guy, model good looks, pale, pale green eyes – but I digress).

The guys grapple, suck, rim and fuck over a bench – Mickey pushing his hard, little arse down hard onto Theo’s uncut cock. Theo’s bulging testicles clench and he’s unloading squirt after squirt into Mickey’s face then Theo sinks to his knees to take a hot load in his own beautiful face, all over his full kissable lips and perfect skin.



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Lucas Entertainments Presents: Youthful, fresh-faced executives Aaron Blake and Valentin Petrov sneak away from their offices and meet in a park. They act casual, but the suited pair is actually doing everything they can to hide how horny they are for each other. Valentin is visiting on business from overseas, and because he won’t be in the United States for long, he and Aaron find a place to be together as quickly as possible.

Hiding out in Aaron’s apartment, they start with some heavy kissing, but Valentin grows bored and takes a seat in a small armchair. Feeling relaxed, he lets Aaron get to work on his package: he strokes Valentin’s hard, uncut cock through his trousers before unzipping and pulling it out. Aaron sucks and swallows his visitor’s cock; Valentin is sitting back like a king and loving every minute of Aaron’s oral attention.

Valentin has a fixation with asses, so he bends Aaron over and plays with the bottom’s cheeks and hole before putting on a condom and sliding inside. Valentin has a lot of girth to his dick, and Aaron winces as Valentin enters him. He’s easy at first, but once he’s in, he starts pumping and thrusting Aaron just has to hold on and submit to his top’s pleasure.

These hot guys are so horny they don’t even whip their suits off until towards the end of their secret fuck!

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Men-com-hot-naked-tattoo-muscle-hunks-Damien-Crosse-Theo-Ford-Flex-fucks-tight-muscle-ass-cum-shots-facial-cocksucker-anal-assplay-01-gay-porn-star-sex-video-gallery-photo says: Damien Crosse is an intelligence officer who will do anything, or anyone, to complete his mission. To gather the information he needs on Theo Ford, Damien poses as an IT technician and goes to Theo’s home.

Damien can’t help himself at the sight of Theo’s lover, Flex Extremo. Damien fucks Flex’s tight muscle ass until the two exchange warm cum shots to each other’s face.



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Cockyboys says: Tayte Hanson and Asher Hawk have been flirting for a long time now. As we all know, Tayte likes to get rough and aggressive when he tops and Asher is famous for being a power bottom that must have his hole fucked deep and hard every time or it won’t count.

Putting the two together was only a matter of time. Neither one of them needed an introduction and exactly 3.5 seconds after Tayte shoves his tongue down Asher’s throat his cock is already rock hard which of course requires deep throating immediately.

They swap blowjobs and Tayte eats Asher’s hungry hairy hole but this wasn’t about that this was all about packing Asher’s tight hole with as much Tayte cock as he could possibly take.

And he takes all of it. And then still begs for more! Like a true power bottom is supposed to do. We train them well, don’t we?

After getting plowed in every position imaginable, Asher practically starts begging for Tayte’s load down his throat.

Of course Tayte doesn’t wait for a second invitation and pretty much showers Asher with his load which then they use as lube so Asher can shoot his load as well.



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Adrian Toledo


UK Naked Men says: Adrian Toledo is dressed to kill as he surveys the site but can’t resist slipping out of his suit and releasing his achingly hard cock.


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Belami says: Recently you met Jonas Ashter in his Belami Online casting video, today he is back this time in front of the camera showing off his slender ripped body and soft uncut dick.

Be careful of his cute, butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, boy-next-door looks as Jonas’ cock is a grower not a shower. As he jerks it to a hard erection you get to see it at it’s full length and thickness.

Jonas is going to be having a whale of a time with the cute Belami bottom boys that is for sure.



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Juicy Boys says: Johnny Rapid invites his good friend Dennis West over to his Atlanta home for a little bareback fun. As soon as Dennis arrives Johnny being the gracious host that he is welcomes Dennis to town with a nice warm mouth and even warmer hole.

Dennis plows his enormous cock into Johnny’s little ass filling him up and breeding his hole.


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Spunk Worthy says: Eddie moved to San Diego recently for college. And, while he was out here, decided to take the dive into doing porn.

Apparently, this decision didn’t come as much of surprise to the friend he told about it. Eddie is a bit of an exhibitionist, sometimes jerking off in public places just to put on a free show for onlookers. Stroking one out on camera seemed like a natural leap, and something he’d thought about for a while.

Eddie also has a “fluid” sexuality and, as you’ll see in the behind-the-scenes video coming out next week, thinks the idea of servicing another guy would be hot. “Or getting serviced,” he added.

While we were shooting this video, Eddie suddenly reached down and started fingering his hole. A nice surprise. He said it usually makes him cum harder.

No doubt that it did the load he shot out flew up and missed his face by only an inch or two.


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Allen Lucas and Max Wilde fucking with sexy naked lifeguards Damien Stone and Diego Sans says: Max Wilde finds himself in need of care after getting stung by a jellyfish so Allen Lucas goes off looking for help. He ends up finding some sexy lifeguards Diego Sans and Damien Stone who help them back to the hotel room. Now that Max Wilde is feeling better, these men are hot, horny and ready to get it on.


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Gay Hoopla’s Michael Evans fucks Leo Bosh


Gay Hoopla says: Leo Bosh had to get something off his chest. He’s been crushing on Michael Evans for the longest now, and wanted to put that on the table.

Michael admits he’d caught Leo fucking Sean and thought he’d do a much better job then Sean Costin. Both guys had their own agendas but lucky for us, they both were down to fuck.

Bottom boy Leo sucked Michael off until he was rock hard and ready to get railed from behind. Michael fucked Leo doggy style slapping his ass and pulling his hair taunting him with who’s the better fuck.

The chemistry was so strong knowing Leo was finally getting all of his crush Michael, and Michael proving he was a better fuck then Sean. Leo rode Michael like a pony until Michael’s power stick came seconds from cumming and that’s when it happened.



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Sean Cody Camden looks determined as he wanks his cock hard


Sean Cody says: Sexy young muscle boy Camden strips off his t-shirt showing off his ripped muscled abs and broad shoulders. Dropping his shorts Camden jerks his already erect thick dick.

Camden is a confident young lad with a beautiful smile and handsome face. He looks determined as he wanks his cock hard. His breathing becomes heavy as he gets close to the edge of his orgasm.

Then with a big moan Camden lets rip spewing cum right across his chest a self satisfied look on his young face.


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Frank Valencia and Aaron Steel


UK Naked Men says: Hairy Aaron Steel couldn’t wait to spread his hairy arse cheeks, bend over and get his arse filled to the max with Frank Valencia’s big dick. Frank’s a merciless fucker who pushed eager Aaron to the brink, poor lad was begging for him to stop as much as he was begging for faster and deeper.



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Men-com-bearded-naked-muscle-man-hairy-chest-Aspen-gay-porn-star-Marcus-Ruhl-sexual-huge-dick-deep-throat-ass-hole-fucking-anal-assplay-rimming-001-gay-porn-sex-gallery-pics-video-photo says: Aspen provides an important service as a licensed sex surrogate. When Marcus Ruhl’s husband can’t be around for a while he hires Aspen to take care of Marcus’ sexual needs.

Marcus is hesitant at first but he soon has Aspen’s huge dick deep in his throat and hole.



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Tom Long and Johnny Kingdom


UK Naked Men says: More from our ‘foot fetish fuckers’ new boy, insatiable cock-hound Tom Long, finds cutie, hung youngster sniffing his jocks and socks, its payback time for Johnny Kingdom.

Tom stuffs his socks, jocks, and size ten feet into Jonny’s mouth, as they sniff each others underwear, Tom opens up the handsome boys with his tongue, chaffing his tender hole with his bristly beard before toe fucking his hole.

Jonny’s revved up and ready for a nine and half inches of uncut cock – the slut takes it like the pro ho he is, riding the full length.

Tom fucks him upside, downside and over the glass table before cumming on his feet licking it all off swallowing the whole creamy load before taking Jonny’s sperm in his beard.

A Yumalicious, toe licking, foot sucking, arse fucking, jock sniffing, frenzy of furious filth.



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Young military recruits Johnny and Brian hard ass fucking


Active Duty says: Here we have a couple of real tasty military studs. We’ve had a chance to meet Johnny when he got naked on camera for the first time to stroke his big, meaty cock for us. Joining him is Brian, who, as Claude mentions, had some fun already with Quentin.

Now remember, this is Johnny’s first time getting naughty with another guy. That’s why we’re gonna be looking for him to open up this time and just get nice and comfy. Gosh, this really is a ‘big dick duo,’ as Claude jokes during the stroke session.

He was able to get some great underneath views while these two were enjoying themselves. Johnny’s dick is nearly as big as his body. And Brian. WOW. He has a huge dong and knows just how to work it in his hands. How can you blame Johnny for being so turned on?

They go from sitting together on the couch, to standing together. Claude moves around behind them at this point and gets a great shot of their cute, bubble butts clenching while they tug their boners. Claude tells them that they’re both doing the same thing with their asses and we get a good rise out these sweet fellas.

Johnny is a sizzling hot new recruit that we’ll be having a blast watching him cum into his own as a strong soldier. And Brian shows lots of promise too. He’s the type of easy-going guy that I know is willing to do some serious damage with that giant cock. These two will be soaring to great heights.


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Belami says: Sexy boy Vadim Farrell bareback fucks the tight boy ass hole of Ennio Gardi. Vadim’s hard erect raw dick slips between Ennio’s smooth twink boy ass cheeks.



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Milan Sharpe


Belami says: The Belami team met Milan Sharpe just a couple weeks ago and have made a quick casting to see how we liked him. Milan had done a bit of work for some other studios before, but had been a little shy to come and approach us until a mutual friend broke the ice.


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