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Troi wanks his huge uncut cock!…. Chaos Men says: Silas referred Troi to me. They have been working-out together, and after he saw Troi’s cock in the shower, he hinted around that he should do porn. Turns out Troi knew…

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Alec and Troi

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Troi slips his hard erect boy cock between Alec’s smooth ass cheeks and bareback fucks him hard!….. Chaos Men says: This is not Alec’s first time bottoming (that was with Jonas) but what is surprising is how quickly he’s taken…

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Straight young dad Trian jerks his enormous 8 inch cock!…… Chaos Men says: Trian is single dad, former military, and just looking at ways he can bring in some extra money with his extra big cock. It ranges from 7.5-8″…

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