Sebastian Tauza, Todd Maxwell, Diego De La Hoya

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Titan Men says: Dudes just can’t get enough cum loads.
Everything feels a bit too intense. We need to leave so we can take a break. Even though one of Joe Gage’s best T-room sequences is taking place there, stopping by the neighborhood gas station won’t do any good. When the attendant Diego De La Hoya discovers the restroom overrun with hot-blooded, heaving men, he places it on lockdown and begins tending to the bearded, sweating men. Tauza, a handsome, dark-eyed uncut man, is stuffed full of his choice of asses by both muscle man Maxwell and uncut bruiser De La Hoya. However, there is a lot of partner switching going on as the men suck, rim, and fuck each other until the two tops explode into searing orgasms, and Tauza tops both with the biggest load of all.
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